It’s 2017 and you know what that means…

Donald Trump’s inauguration? No, no forget about that, we have new Twin Peaks. Kyle MacLachlan is back! And David Lynch! And a whole bunch of familiar faces! Exclamation point!

Season 3 premieres on May 22nd

(yes, I’m factoring in USA time here)

Here’s your re-watch schedule below, or perhaps your first time binge schedule if you’ve never seen Twin Peaks before. I recommend you remedy that stat. Twin Peaks came out in the 90’s and since then has developed just a bit of a cult following. It’s scary, it’s funny, and it’s downright weird.

As a companion piece I’d highly recommend the Idle Thumbs Rewatch podcast. It finished up in 2015 (thanks to the new season delay), but it’s as valid as ever. Just load up the appropriate episode and away you go.


20 Jan: Pilot
22 Jan: Eps 1 and 2
27 Jan: Eps 3 & 4
5 Feb: Eps 5 & 6
12 Feb: Ep 7 *
19 Feb: Ep 8
26 Feb: Eps 9 & 10
5 Mar: Eps 11 & 12
12 Mar: Eps 13 & 14
19 Mar: Eps 15 & 16
26 Mar: Eps 17 & 18
2 Apr: Eps 19 & 20
9 Apr: Eps 21 & 22
16 Apr: Eps 23 & 24
23 Apr: Eps 25 & 26
30 Apr: Eps 27 & 28
7 May: Ep 29 **
14 May: Fire Walk With Me

* optional: The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer and
The Autobiography of Dale Cooper books
** optional: The Secret History of Twin Peaks book
*** optional: The Missing Pieces

Source: Twin Peaks Rewatch Schedule

God speed detectives!


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